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    2. Contact us on 0 800 123-4567 or support@themerex.net
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        Make play time a blast with our finest toys and games!



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      Shop Juno Toy & Games Store goodies for your kids.

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      Use our 24/7 customer hotline so you’re not alone if you have a question

      What our Happy Clients Say

      I have been buying toys and games from this store for my kids for many many years. The guys form the shop know exactly what our children need and want. And they are always in trend. I totally recommend them!

      Ellaine Wallace Customer

      Ordered some toys for my yongest kids and was very pleased with the quick shipping time, great communication from operator's side, and cute packaging when the products arrived! I'll definitely order from them again!

      Kelley Alvarado Customer

      I love this website. It has a great selection of products for children of all ages, innovative and trendy. I will be a returning customer for ever! Especially since the shipping is so fast and comfortable!

      Wendell Padilla Customer


      More Than Your Average Toy Store
      Make play time a blast with our finest toys and games!
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